April 1, 2021

Episode 9 - Stevie

Episode 9 - Stevie

Stevie Archer, an accomplished executive creative director, has climbed the corporate ladder of the male-dominated advertising world. Her rise was fueled by refusing to let her gender define her, embracing herself for who she is and fighting the imposter syndrome that never seems to go away.

Stevie ArcherProfile Photo

Stevie Archer

Executive Creative Director, SS&K

Though she was named after Stevie Nicks, this particular Stevie has yet to display any discernible musical talents. So instead she’s devoted herself to a life of advertising. Beginning her career as a copywriter, Stevie is now the Executive Creative Director of advertising agency SS+K where she leads creative for clients including Iceland, Mount Sinai Health System, NCAA, and Lebron James’ voter rights organization More Than A Vote. During her career creating award-winning campaigns for brands the likes of, Starbucks, Nationwide Insurance, Travelocity, T.J. Maxx, Sherwin-Williams, AdCouncil, and Samsung.