Some women live life out loud while others have chosen a more quiet path. Sometimes called introverts or private people, they keep their stories to themselves. These tales can be inspiring and entertaining stories involving humor, adventure and romance as well as those that are tragic and about overcoming challenges. Whether you are a quiet woman looking for the courage to let yourself be seen or you simply enjoy a good story about real life, join Stephanie Sumner, a marketing executive, entrepreneur and quiet woman herself on her quest to reveal the real and amazing lives of women you’ve never heard from before and celebrate them coming out of their shell.

About the Host

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Stephanie Sumner

Quiet Women Host

In addition to being a Quiet Woman, Stephanie Sumner is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, marketer, yogi, cook, optimist, writer, traveler, Sunday school teacher, beach lover and many other things. Her love for putting people in the spotlight and making them shine combined with her roots in journalism led her to podcasting. She's an empathic listener who is genuinely curious about people and believes everyone has an interesting story inside of them. Stephanie coined the term Quiet Women and is thrilled to be providing them a safe stage to show up on to be heard and applauded.